Quit Smoking

Any offers of instant success, minimal effort and permanent results are little more than an attempt to hoodwink you into buying a product. Quitting is difficult and cravings can happen for months, years and even decades after stopping. The most important thing is the mindset that you bring to quitting and the awareness of why you smoke and how you can stop forever.

This book offers you far more than a quick solution. It gives you:

• The truth about what it takes to stop smoking (and other addictions)
• The opportunity to develop a whole new mindset around smoking and your
   ability to stop
• The opportunity to develop new skills on how to manage the cravings, the
   weight gain and yourself
• The encouragement to recognise and use the skills and abilities that you
   already have
• The life-changing chance to stop smoking not only now but forever

This book comes with a full package of downloadable audio guided meditations.

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