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Life is complex and often confusing. It doesn’t come with a manual so we’re often left going from one crisis to the next, or one disappointment to another, without paying attention to all the other bits of good stuff that can happen too.

This book offers you:

  • The chance to make sense of how you got to be the way you are
  • Help to put your experiences within a context
  • A way to recognise why you repeat patterns
  • Awareness of how your behaviour is driven by your internal engine
  • How your interpretation of current experiences is linked to your earlier experiences
  • The opportunity to be human and vulnerable as well as curious and capable

A key element is that this approach helps you to recognise and develop your resilience and belief in your ability to manage all aspects of life as well as to enjoy the better ones that often pass us by. It is written in an easy-to-read style, using everyday language and comic relief, and it’s aimed at both men and women. Its effectiveness lies in its practical and realistic in approach.

It offers no promises other than a powerful and kind way to help you gain perspective on your life and to live it on your terms, regardless of what it brings.

It remains a forerunner in its field as it integrates the ideas of nature and nurture, mind and body, and how each aspect influences your development and behaviour. It is on the Books on Prescription list.

This book comes with a comprehensive package of 3 hours of different guided meditations that includes a full Mindful Movement section. 

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