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Dr Cheryl Rezek is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist chartered with the British Psychological Society, who has worked across various fields of mental health for many years.

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Read more about Dr Cheryl's books Life Happens and Brilliant Mindfulness and her range of audio products and meditations.

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Find out more about Dr Cheryl's unique and effective therapeutic interventions based on extensive clinical experience.


Do you sometimes find life overwhelming and struggle through the day? Join Dr Cheryl at a Life Happens workshop and find our how to bring mindfulness into your life.

“I loved the book! It´s really so deceptively simple, easy to understand and yet the more you read it, the more profound it becomes. It is powerful and lifechanging and goes beyond those books [that are] so unforgiving of individual weaknesses and the ups and downs of daily life. This book gives the tools and, more importantly, the space to feel that it´s OK to not always know best.” Dr Sanda Ionescu, Sociologist and Business Coach
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