Anxiety and Depression

This book offers something very different from others within the field. It challenges misleading and detrimental ideas that pills or quick fixes will bring about recovery from depression and anxiety and the idea that there is little that you can do to change how you feel. It gives back the power over your life.

  • It puts you at the centre of your life and your recovery by combining important psychological concepts and mindfulness
  • It helps you to develop skills to manage your life and distress
  • It addresses new areas such as:
    • How men show different signs of depression from women
    • The need for professionals and individuals to recognise this
    • New ways to engage men so they don’t suffer quietly or commit suicide
  • It highlights the evidence that therapy is as effective, if not better, than medication
  • It challenges professionals and individuals to recognise that older adults get depressed for many reasons, including abuse or alcohol use, and not simply because they are getting older

It is a game-changer and a life-changer in managing everyday difficulties as well as mental health issues.

This book comes with a full package of downloadable audio guided meditations.

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