Dr Rezek, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, has presented talks and workshops to public and professional audiences for many years on a range of topics. She has had an extensive clinical and academic career and she continually seeks to engage public audiences in subjects that often seem out of their reach.

If psychological concepts and mindfulness are to do with everyone, at every level of their daily lives, then they should be available and easily accessible to everyone – men, women, the well, the ill, parents, professionals or anyone who makes decisions not only about their lives but about those of others.

She conducted a workshop at the remarkable Wellcome Collection in London on mindfulness which reflects her aim in creating an interest in people about themselves through the curious nature of being human.

Dr Rezek is available for:

  • talks
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • training
  • consultations
  • discussion groups
  • personal development projects
  • conferences
  • articles
  • interviews
  • book signings
  • demonstrations

Please contact Dr. Rezek for a phone consultation to discuss your event or project.


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