Monkey Mind and The Mountain: Mindfulness for 8 – 80 year olds (and older)

Monkey Mind and The Mountain: Mindfulness for 8 – 80 year olds (and older)


A percentage of profits goes to Home for Good.

Home for Good is a charity that works to find a home for every child who needs one. The charity helps find families for vulnerable children in the UK, including asylum seeking children, and supports families who foster and adopt.

Written for children but loved by adults too, this book is a simple and engaging introduction to mindfulness. It can be read by children themselves or done with their parents or caregivers. It recognises our natural ability to be mindful and to use it in a way that can help to both enjoy life and deal with the more difficult aspects of it, such as school pressure, bullying or lack of confidence.

Children learn to be accepting, to feel a sense of gratitude and to create a reliance on that internal power and belief that can be a guide and compass throughout life. Mindfulness also develops focus, concentration, resilience and courage as well as a sense of quiet.

Working through this book is a wonderful way for parents, caregivers or teachers to interact with children in an enjoyable and fun way and it gives everyone a chance to develop a skill for life.

It is recommended not only by parents and professionals across family, educational, health and social care but by children themselves.                  

Purchase price £6.99 excluding postage.
(purchasing direct allows for more money to go to a charity)
or call (+44) 1904 431213.
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Reminder: Purchasing a copy supports my campaign A Million Happy Mindful Children and a percentage of profits goes to a children's charity.                                                                               
There is a free download of a 5 minute meditation for adults on the right hand side of this page.
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