Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Workplace & Organisations (Commercial/Healthcare/Charities)

This includes individual or group interventions to increase employees and leaders skills in dealing with stress and developing approaches on managing oneself and one’s approach to work situations and to management or leadership issues.

Workshops on the following are available:

  • Stress Management
  • Mindful Management
  • Mindful Awareness of Client or Patient Interactions
  • Mindfulness for Employee Wellbeing
  • Managing Work/Life Balance
  • Bespoke workshops

These are available for groups or organisations and they are tailored to meet specified needs.

They can be used for professional development, staff training, teaching sets and any other purpose that pertains to increasing individual´s skills, awareness, professional interactions and wellbeing.

Healthcare Professionals

Workshops and training can be particularly beneficial for frontline staff, carers, nurses, nurses, community workers and anyone involved with the care of others.

Staff burnout
Staff/client interaction
Motivational skills for clients.

Please contact Dr. Rezek for a phone consultation to discuss your organisation’s need.

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