Therapeutic Services


Life Happens TherapyTherapy & Consultation:
Therapy is an investment in your life. It is about two people coming together to help take care of your life. It is available for anyone who wishes to discuss a personal concern or difficulty, regardless of its content. It is an opportunity to talk, in confidence, with someone who is impartial but who has an understanding of the complexities of life. Read More.

Life Happens MindfulnessMindfulness:
Mindfulness is a way of being, and combining it with psychology allows the opportunity to approach living in a more insightful, considered and thoughtful manner. It is about making a choice as to how you wish to live and engage within your own life and the wider experiences of living, whilst openly accepting that you are human and fallible, just as you are meant to be. It focuses on being present in your life and the lives of others and on building resilience and personal choice. Read more.

Mindfulness-Based Multidynamic TherapyModel – Mindfulness-Based Multidynamic Therapy:
This model of intervention combines into one framework the concepts and theories of a biopsychosocial model, psychodynamic constructs and theory of mind and the principles and practice of mindfulness. Read More.
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