Dr Cheryl Rezek is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist chartered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and Health Professions Council (HCPC). She has worked across various fields of mental health for many years and combined clinical and academic work, working with children, families and adults with a range of psychological difficulties, and across a spectrum of assessment and psychological interventions. She is a trained clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, play therapist, family therapist and mindfulness teacher.

She has lectured for many years, maintaining strong academic and teaching links to clinical psychology doctoral training courses and provided trainings and workshops to trainees, professionals and the public as well as consultancy work on clinical and organisational matters. She developed and headed a number of treatment programmes and  services in various settings including adult mental health, community mental health, learning disabilities, secure psychiatric units, drugs and alcohol and a hospice.

Her work spans the NHS, Department of Health and the private sector for both clinical and workplace consultancy and interventions.

She has written and published material on a number of topics and she writes for the media.

Dr Rezek has developed a unique and successful model of treatment and written many books on how to use it as a way of managing oneself and a wide range of life issues (see the Books page for more information on each one).  

She also has a highly regarded App, iMindfulness on the go, that has been rated by an academic study to be in the Top 20 Apps from over 700 on mindfulness.

She runs workshops for the public and professionals around her model and intervention and bespoke workshops for groups or workplace organisations ranging from community-based settings to government level. She runs workshops internationally too.

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